REview. penric and the shaman

Penric and the Shaman by Lois McMaster Bujold  5 Stars The second of five novellas involving Penric, the youngest son of a minor noble family, and the demon he calls, Desdemona. This is a mini-series, set within the larger series of the World of the Five Gods. Penric is continuing his studies of sorcery while […]

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Firstly apologies for no post last week due to illness I am not sure if this little piece is finished or not. Chicky was his best friend, betrayed for a needle full of silence. Mr Jameson was insistent. The drugs were illegal and he needed them to maintain his beauty. Jameson was the only one […]

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JULY blog hop – The fairest

Queen Rulianna looked in the mirror. ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, Who is the fairest of them all?’ The mirror spoke. ‘My queen my queen it once was you But now there’s one more fair, tis true.’ What the queen gasped, ‘Okay mirror, cut out this rhyming couplet crap. It’s not necessary and we both […]

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Flash fiction the first

I only wanted to be first. I didn’t intend to cause such trouble. They had promised as I remember to let me be the first man on mars. Then they seemed to change their minds. I am sure it was Shipton who persuaded them. He must have done it when both stravinski and me were […]

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Flash fiction – the house

The house watched him. It hates me; it loves me, he thought, and on the heels of that, something much worse. It remembers me. I can deal with it. It will not beat me. It was in control of him once, that awful presence, but he was a grown man now. He had built his […]

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