Review. Penric’s Demon by Lois McMaster Bujold

I realise I am a long way behind the pace on reading this novella, and in fact, this author.

The first of five novellas involving Penric, the youngest son of a minor noble family, and the demon he calls, Desdemona. This is a mini-series, set within the larger series of the World of the Five Gods. At the beginning, Penric is on the way to his wedding, arranged as is the custom. He is unsure about his wedding, nervous as many bridegrooms are, but preferring this choice to joining the army which appears to be his only other option. His family are impoverished and have need of the input of wealth the marriage would bring. On the road he comes upon an accident. A divine on one of the gods, The Bastard is dying and Penric inherits her demon.

This changes his whole future at a stroke. Instead of marriage he is sent off for training. He gradually gets to know more about the demon and her powers as the novella goes on. The book is set in a well imagined medieval or possibly renaissance style, fantasy world (I am no great historian) I am generally a little bored of these fantasy worlds, but I was very happy with this one, and with the story. I will be reading the rest of this mini-series and will venture into the wider World of the Five Gods at some time.

5 stars

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