July Blog Hop

True face by Nic Steven I stepped away from the fabricator with my new mask in hand. As I pulled it over my head, I wondered if anyone would get the joke and whether my action would count as breaking the law. The mask was a perfect replica of my own  face. For forgotten historical […]

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For a Breath of air

By Nic Steven When I came around, I lay bound and gagged, slumped in the corner of a bare room. No windows, stale air, a cellar probably. A faint light from somewhere illuminated the room. There, a small window, high up above a door at the top of a bare wooden staircase, with a rickety […]

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Valentine’s Day Blog hop

Careful What You Wish For Rosie strolled along the High Street, watching other girls parading and being whistled at or called to by the boys. They laughed and exchanged banter, some of them walking off in pairs. Nobody whistled or called to Rosie. She was glad of this, but it would have been nice if […]

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The Old Ways

by Nic Steven Amanda heard the doorbell. She had been told not to answer but was feeling rebellious. Her parents had left her alone on Samhain to work at a nearby standing stone. They said they trusted her. Well fine, but she was bored.  A girl, roughly her age stood in a black cloak and […]

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Storytime Blog Hop – July

The Pooka Plays Pool  by Nic Steven The pooka was playing his favourite game and his team were losing. This was of course far from impossible, but his pub side were top of the pool league in the town and their opponents sat near the bottom. They had a new player and looking at the […]

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Collateral Damage by Nic Steven

APRIL STORYTIME BLOG HOP Collateral Damage by Nic Steven Dijark the terminator activated his search screens. He would be the one to activate the solution to our problem. I was just the ship’s captain, the transport driver if you like. The preparatory work had been going on for a few years. The seed agents had […]

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January Blog HOP

It’s that time again, where a group of Speculative fiction writers join post a flash length story to go live at the same time. My contribution is below, followed by links to the others.  Syrojax lends a claw by Nic Steven Syrojax the dragon was woken by a loud noise outside his cave. Reluctantly he […]

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Indie authors’ advent calendar

I have a story maybe two in the above calendar. Also a story or two in the bonus material (available at the end, if you sign up for alerts). It starts on Sunday 1st December 2019 so take a look at the website. The theme is ‘Dragons’. in the bonus material there will be […]

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What is Twitfic or Twitter Fiction? It is a form of micro-fiction where the writer tries to tell a complete story within the confines of a tweet (280 characters. One example of this came long before Twitter was thought of. From memory, it was Ernest Hemingway – For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn. My little […]

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