Flash fiction the first

I only wanted to be first. I didn’t intend to cause such trouble. They had promised as I remember to let me be the first man on mars. Then they seemed to change their minds. I am sure it was Shipton who persuaded them. He must have done it when both stravinski and me were […]

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Flash fiction – the house

The house watched him. It hates me; it loves me, he thought, and on the heels of that, something much worse. It remembers me. I can deal with it. It will not beat me. It was in control of him once, that awful presence, but he was a grown man now. He had built his […]

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Two Book Reviews

Please note. I very rarely give 5 stars. Arthur Mace Medieval Gumshoe by James Husum – 4 stars Title does what it says on the tin. Think of a cross between Terry Pratchett and Dashiell Hammett. Arthur is grabbed by a couple of ogres coming out of his favourite drinking hole. They take him to […]

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Blog Hop

A new venture for me. A group of writers all sharing a piece of flash fiction and publishing it at the same time. this is my effort. The monster under the bed  by Nic Steven I listened to little Tommy in the bed above me. Good, he was still awake. I crawled out from under […]

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