Review of Platform eight by Barbara lund

Platform Eight series by Barbara Lund .5 stars

Platform Eight is a series of stand-alone short stories set on a space station acting as a mining platform. The main character in each of them is a security officer on the station. The space around the station is plagued by pirates.

Although each story is complete in itself, it is best to read them in order as there is an overall story arc.

1. Darkest Space

There has been a murder on Platform Eight and it is Officer Cordova’s job to investigate. She has a new member of her team that she doesn’t really trust yet and her old partner, is working a different section. The dead person turns out to be a VIP which puts additional pressure on her to solve the crime.

A great little Science Fiction detective story with a neat little twist at the end.

2. Recovery Space

A child has been abducted from her parents’ residence on Platform Eight and it is up to Officer Cordova and her team to find her. To make matters worse they discover there is a slaver on the station. Cordova has previous history with slavers, so this makes it personal.

A good SF police procedural.

3. Damaged Space

A drug bust on the station goes horribly wrong and Cordova finds herself in a seemingly impossible predicament. An action adventure tense all the way.

4. Revenge Space

Something, and a person, from Cordova’s past comes back to threaten her, pushing her into a life threatening, and career threatening situation.

5. Craving Space

As a result of a difficult arrest for domestic violence and drug trafficking, Officer Cordova needs to confront some of her demons, and the ongoing will she, wont she love story continues.

All about personal demons this time.

6. Slave Space

Cordova needs to go illegal to rescue a child she is very fond of, along with others from her station that have been captured by a slaver she has crossed swords with before.

An exciting space adventure.

7. Shattered Space

Cordova has to join her old team to try to finally take out a slaver base. There is a definite twist to the tail in this one.

Great adventure.

8. Relative Space

The last in the series and this time a threat of annihilation has come to Platform Eight itself. Cordova has two hours to save either a whole bunch of kind or the one she cares about most. And to make matters worse. One of her family has arrived and is in danger.

High action adventure on the station.

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