Firstly apologies for no post last week due to illness

I am not sure if this little piece is finished or not.

Chicky was his best friend, betrayed for a needle full of silence. Mr Jameson was insistent. The drugs were illegal and he needed them to maintain his beauty. Jameson was the only one who dealt them. Medicine combined with magic, a mixture of drug and potion. His career would be gone if he could not get them, along with his legion of female and quite a few male fans. All gone, if Chicky were to tell. Mr Jameson had other magical drugs though. Drugs the could make a man forget. That is forget everything. He wanted Chicky just to forget what he had seen, but Jameson explained that was not possible. So he promised to explain everything to Chicky over a drink. Chicky trusted him, would never have believed that his best friend would slip him a sleeping draft, the allow Jameson to administer the memory eraser while he slept. He watched the hypodermic syringe with its pale straw contents as they drained into his friend’s vein. He then watched as the van took Chicky to the spaceport, where he would be taken to a planet where no one would know him. There would be fine medical facilities there. He had insisted on that.

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